Internal Audit

Our internal audit services specialize in setting up and optimizing internal audit functions for organizations. We believe in getting it right from the start. Our team assists in planning and implementing modern internal audit functions that align with international standards and best practices. We work with organizations to develop clear roadmaps and short-term/long-term plans to enhance the effectiveness of their internal audit function. Our services also include reviewing and measuring the performance of the internal audit function, conducting quality assessments, and providing valuable insights for improvement. Additionally, we offer training and knowledge transfer on internal audit practices to equip organizations with the necessary skills and expertise. By engaging our internal audit services, organizations can establish a robust internal audit framework, enhance risk management practices, and ensure compliance with industry standards.


  • To setup the “ right Internal Audit function right from the
  • To plan and implement a modern Internal Audit function in
    accordance with International Standard & Best Practices.
  • To prepare and implement a clear road map, short term/long term plans of the Internal Audit function.
  • To review and measure the performance of Internal Audit Function or conduct Quality Assessment.
  • To train and transfer knowledge on Internal Audit practices.

Our Methodology

Internal Audit Methodology

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